The new expansion of how the Internet is used, now has an identity – The Internet of Things or simply IoT. CABASE, the Argentina Internet Association, is convinced that this phenomenon is of vital importance to it’s 500+ members, and also for the future development of the Internet in this country. Accordingly, in 2016 we established the IoT Argentina Coordination Center and Marketplace, as a vehicle to kickstart the local market of this new industry, identify legal and regulatory issues that must be addressed and resolved, facilitate networking between offer and demand of IoT solutions, concentrate documents and reports that can enable understanding of all the verticals of this huge innovative scenario, and promote the testing and deployment of these new technologies as the future growth engine of the Internet in Argentina.
This initiative has led CABASE to assemble the IoT ecosystem in this country, including academia, government, R&D labs, innovative startups, technology developers, hardware/software vendors and the entire Internet Connectivity industry, leveraging CABASE’s national IXP (Internet Exchange Point) national network, which has 30 internet traffic nodes in Argentina that interconnect 460 ISPs, Connectivity Providers, Universities and Government organisms, providing Internet access to 16 million end users, and local access from each node to the major CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) such as Netflix, Google and Akamai. The CABASE national IXP network will be IoT enabled shortly, with application and network (Lora) servers.
Every year, CABASE organizes the national IoT Day event, on April 9, and the national Internet Day event on May 17.
Overseas companies and organizations can become members of CABASE and the IoT initiative activities, and can also contact us for the purpose of identifying potential local partners and support resources for their IoT plans in Argentina.





Cámara Argentina de Internet

Argentina Internet Association

Founded in 1989, CABASE is an Association whose membership consists of companies and entities that provide Internet Access, Datacenter, Online Content and ITC related services.

In 1998 the 1st. NAP (Network Access Point) was launched. The CABASE Neutral Nap (also known as an IX-Internet Exchange), enables the exchange of Internet traffic between it’s members by means of an efficient, low cost and non-profit operational model.